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Monday, 27 December 2010



Ship No 534

ST CATHERINE was the first of a two ship order that the yard had won, and for a short time things were beginning to look a little bit brighter.

She was a passenger/vehicle ferry for use on the south coast of England between the mainland and the Isle of Wight, the ships where for Sealink and she is still in service today under the banner of Wrightlink ferries.

She was a twin screw vessel of 2036 grt, with a length between perpendiculars of 77.6 metres, and a beam of 16.8 metres, with design draught at 4.5 metres.

Offshore Ferry Services of England and Scotland Offshore Ferry Services of England and Scotland
The United Kingdom comprises thousands of islands and for many centuries transport between the main islands and the outlying communities has required reliable shipping routes, both long and short-haul, for commerce, trade and travel. Ferries have become an essential means of transport for many outlying populations and down the years routes have continually changed and been adapted to meet the requirements of the period. This remains so today, with established ferry routes in a constant state of flux, with the dire economic circumstances of the present imposing their own financial restraints upon routes and timetables. This volume presents a snapshot of the major Offshore Ferry routes as they currently stand, with details of the routes, the ships and the amenities; added to which are the outline histories of companies and links. This volume encapsulates all these strands and should prove a useful aide to all travellers.

ST CATHERINE was launched from the Leith Shipyards of Robb Caledon on 30th of March 1983.

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ST CATHERINE in her "Sealink" Livery
(Photo is courtesy of Ian Boyle at

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