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Friday, 22 October 2010


M.V.HERO (photo by Reinhard Nerlich)

Ship No 511

Was an order from a combination of a company called Domino Container ships and D.F.D.S. To be managed by Wilson Line.

The order was for a twin screw Ro/Ro (Roll on /Roll of) Ferry.

She was to work on the short North Sea routes, from the U.K. to continental Europe.

She was 3468 grt, with a length between perpendiculars of 105 metres, with a beam of 19 metres, and a design draught of 12 metres.

She was launched from the Leith Shipyards of Robb Caledon on 2nd June 1972, and was completed for her owners by the end of that year.

The M.V. HERO was lengthened and had her decks raised in 1976 at a yard in Holland, her gross tonnage was increased by over 1,000 tonnes to give a new registered tonnage of 4493 grt, and she was made longer by around 20 metres (60 feet) .

The M.V.HERO was lost in very heavy weather (One Seaman from the crew of 27 was unfortunately lost) on a voyage between Esbjerg (Denmark) and Grimsby (England), and abandoned on 12/11/1977, she sank the next day on 13/11/1977, and questions were raised in the British houses of Parliament about the sad loss of this vessel.
You will be able to read a lot more about this ship and her unfortunate end, on the new website which will be online soon.


Alan Harrison said...

Very interesting facts regarding the doomed MV Hero. Looking forward to seeing more of her on the new website.

j.d. davison said...

I was one of the engineers on the vessel when she was lost,a very happy ship but very unlucky,as we lost three men in a year,leading up to the sinking.J.D.DAVISON.

j.d. davison said...

I was one of the engineers on the vessel at the time of the sinking,Looking forward to new website.j.d.davison

The Loftsman said...

Hello Sir,
Thanks for getting in touch, and sad to note that three crew were lost from this fine old ship, we dont have too much info on her sea going days, and very few photographs, would you consider writing about your time on HERO and if you had any old photo's of her and your time on the ship that would be a great contribution to go onto the website at

j.d. davison said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello all, My Dad Phil Fawcett was on the Hero when it sank. Dont know if any of you know him. He was a chef. He still has the article from the paper (not sure which one) that was written when it sank.
Richard Fawcett.

Steven Weaver said...

I was on board the Canadian destroyer HMCS Huron when we rescued 7 crewmembers with our helo, that day.There was no question about not launching, for to do so was to let the Hero's crew perish in the storm. The deceased crewman died just as the helo landed on our flight deck.

j.d. davison said...

Sir today my Son has taken many photographers of my scrapbook of the Hero which he is going to forward to you which l hope you find interesting,regards,j.d.davison