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Saturday, 28 August 2010



Ship No 465

Last of the ships built for the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand, the end of an era really.

She was 2200 tons with a length B.P. of 250 feet and a beam of 43 feet with design draft of 17 feet and 6 inches.

She was the last of the Leith Built Ships for the Union Steamship Company of N.Z. Launched on 13th of May 1959.

Sister ship to Pateena and slightly smaller than Kaitoa built by the leith shipbuilders 2 years earlier. Both ships were redundant a few years after arrival because of the increased use of ro ro ship however Poolta was lengthened by 18 metres in 1968 and converted to unit load and container carrier. This photo was taken after conversion.

Union Steamship Company of New Zealand Flag.

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