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Sunday, 4 July 2010


Ship No 379

Was an order from the British India Steam Navigation Company, one of the largest shipping lines of the day.

The order was for a Twin Screw Passenger Cargo vessel, and she was used on the Mombasa to Mtwara service via Zanzibar - Dar es Salaam - Kilwa and Lindi.

She was 250 feet in length with a beam of 43 feet and a draught of 19 feet.

Tonnage : 2, 213g, 1,090n, 1, 364dwt.

Engines: Twin Screw 2 x 5 Cylinder 2S.C.S.A Polar Diesels, 1, 600 BHP, 250 rpm, 13.8 Knots (Trials).

Passengers: 8 First Class, 16 Second Class, 250 Deck.

Refrigerated space 2, 000 cu ft.

Launched 21st October 1949, completed 29th January 1950.

She served this route for ten years before being sold on and re-named Kareem, she was finally broken up in 1968.

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