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Friday, 11 June 2010



Ship No 334

M.V. Stork was the second vessel of the order for General Steam Navigation Company Ltd, being a sister ship to “Kingfisher”.

She was single screw with a length overall of 160 feet, with a beam of 27 feet and a draught of 17 feet.

She was launched from the yard 1944/45 and was pressed into doing war service while hostilities lasted.

M.V. Stork was also the fourth ship of this name with the company, and she along with her sister ship Kingfisher was sold on in 1966, with Stork being sold to Greece and re-named Nikos Litochoron.


Anonymous said...

My name is Alastair Macdonald and I sailed on the MV Stork during a hectic 3 months in 1964. If I hadn't found this site I would have believed that I had imagined the entire experience.

We sailed from Felixstowe Harbour to either Amsterdam or Harlingen (up in north Holland) inside the line of the Friesian Isles.

I must say I lived an entire lifetime in that quarter of a year.

Robbs Built Ships said...

Hi Alastair, good to hear, if you would like to get in touch at we would love to get your story of the hectic time.