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Friday, 11 June 2010


Ship No 332

As the war raged around the globe, their was still some merchant ship orders to fulfil and one was for the old friend of the Henry Robb shipyard, namely the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand.

The order was for a Single Screw Motor coaster for the New Zealand coastal trade, and she was the last merchant ship built under war conditions. Although her design had to suit the Admirality as well as her owners.

M.V. Kaimanawa was to serve and play her part in the hostilities as well, she was used extensively during the invasion of Europe keeping the Allied armies supplied with essential supplies, and despite many bombing attacks on her she survived the war.

She was a large coaster for her time at 2,577 tons, with a length overall of 290 feet and a beam of 45 feet, with a draught of 21 feet and 6 inches. She was to be the last steam powered vessel built for the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand, due to the fact that diesel engines were reserved for naval vessels at the time.
She was sold in 1966 and renamed Rosa Anna.

Note : Kaimanawa is a name of a mountain range and also a breed of semi-wild horse found in New Zealand

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