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Sunday, 6 June 2010


Ship No 323

An order for an armed trawler of the “Isle Class”

Primarily used for “Minesweeping” duties.

She was 463 tons, with an overall length of 150 feet, with a beam of 27 feet and 6 inches, and a draught of 14 feet and 6 inches.

She was launched from the yard on 17th of March 1943.


pikonini said...

Where can I find more about HMS Skye? My late father's war diary ends on 9 September 1942 when he was posted to RMS Skye as Second Officer.

Robbs Built Ships said...

Apart from the info here on the blog and at the website i can only suggest you get in touch with the Navy war records office, or keep searching the internet, it would be interesting to see some snippets from your Fathers time on HMs SKYE so if you find time get back in touch.

All at Leith Shipyards.

Kelvin Davies said...

My late father served on this one during the Korean war. Although based in Scotland, they ran around a bit, including a trip from Portsmouth to Den Helder in a gale. My Dad said it was a pig in rough seas and the entire crew was sea sick except for 3 ratings. My Dad, a bunting otsser, ended up shovelling coal while knee deep in a paste of sea water and coal dust.
They were days over due by the time they arrived in Den Helder and they had the mayor and a bunch of nuns on the quayside praying for them. I am sure he said either it took them 3 days to get there or they were 3 days overdue. Everybody had given up on them!
By the way, here is the one photo he left from Skye: