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Saturday, 24 April 2010


Ship No 245

Was the first in line of many ships built for the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand, who as it turned out where one of the best customers of the famous Leith Shipyard.
USSC where modernising there fleet for trade around the waters of the North and South Islands of New Zealand and to the outlying South Pacific Islands.
Many of their vessels were also built for the run across the Tasman Sea to Australia.

The M.V. Kahika, was a twin screw motor cargo vessel, she was of 1536 tons, with an overall length of 235 feet and a beam of 45 feet she had a draft of 15 feet and 6 inches to navigate over some of the bars into New Zealand ports.

She was launched from the yard of Henry Robb in Leith on 17 December 1937.

M.V. Kahika was to serve in the Second World War, where for many months she plied her trade between the dangerous waters of Australia and New Zealand, until she was lost when striking uncharted rocks.

M.V."Kahika" (Ship No 245)

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