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Monday, 14 December 2009

Yard Nos 11 to 15.

As you may have guessed the next 5 yard numbers were a collection of various Pontoons and Barges.
Ship No 11 was a 23 ton Pontoon for the River Stour Commission

Ship No 12 was a 67 ton Pontoon for the Tyne Commission.

Ship No 13 was a 38 ton Dumb Barge for McIver & Co.

Ship No 14 was a 17ton Pontoon for Brunner Mond & Co.

Ship No 15 was another Dumb Barge at 80 tons for a customer in Singapore.

I am sure that this work was very welcome in the yard in what must have been pretty hard times just after World War I . We have no record as yet of the many Ships that Henry Robb repaired during this time just after World War I, as there were a great many shattered hulls to be repaired.
It was not until Ship No 16 that a true Ship was designed and built in the yard at Leith.

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